Fierce Gaming: Tell us a little bit about you.
KickassGaming: I’m a pretty chill and laid back person, live to laugh, and friendships are always important to me. I’m a father of 3 children, I have a loving and supporting wife, I work in construction as a painter, I love playing video games, and I’m apart of the best gaming community out there.
Fierce Gaming: When did you get into gaming and what system did you start out on?
KickassGaming: I’ve been into gaming since the first nintendo came out, which was a very very long time ago.
Fierce Gaming: Why did you decide to start streaming or being a youtuber?
KickassGaming: I decided to start streaming because I have a love for video games and I wanted to share that with people, and share my experiences while playing them.
Fierce Gaming: What has inspired you to keep making content for your viewers
KickassGaming: My followers, and my community FGN. They have all been pretty loyal, and they are very supportive and have said they like my content I bring.
Fierce Gaming: What tips or advice do you have for others to help them keep doing what they love to do?
KickassGaming: Just keep doing it, no matter how frustrating it can be, no matter what gets in the way, just keep at it and things will happen. Also be patient, things don’t happen overnight.
Fierce Gaming: How much has being apart of a Team helped you as a Content Creator?
KickassGaming: Having a team/community has been a huge part of my success, always there to help you, answer questions, and just being supportive with everything overall.
Fierce Gaming: What Games are you focused on right now?
KickassGaming: Far Cry 5 and Fortnite.